Who Are These Women


So, I decided to interrupt the regularly scheduled program. I was going to conclude last week’s post; however I was so inspired by a topic discussed on a podcast that recently started to listen to that I had to write about it.

Podcast Title: Manwhore/ Host: Billy Procida

On one of his earliest episodes, his guest mentions she does not like getting head (receiving oral sex)-in my mind I was saying WTF! A few episodes later another woman says the same thing. However, this is not the first time I have heard this. I have also heard this statement amongst hsome female friends, but as I am listening to them discuss the fact that they don’t like their partner going down on them I’m walking down the street and I’m thinking to myself… Who Are These Women?

As I stated before in a previous post, I lost my virginity at 14. At the age of 14 I was not as hell bent on receiving oral as I am now. During the first 6 years of my sexual life I did not care about getting oral sex, I also was not giving it either. I was all about the penetration: a little kissing, then some fondling, stick it in, give me some good long strokes and I’d walk away satisfied. It wasn’t until my first, adult boyfriend that I discovered the wonderfulness of oral sex (both giving and receiving). When that ex went down on me he showed me a new world. His oral was like seeing heaven and all of its glory and from that moment on oral sex became a requirement.

Statistics state that almost 75% of women don’t and/or have difficulty having a G-spot orgasm. I, unfortunately, fall into that category. This is probably why I put so much emphasis on receiving oral sex; since that is the only way I am able to have an orgasm. Now during the 6 years that I was having all this sex, I was very content with fantastic, long-lasting penetration; one hour would include multiple rounds, I could rub one out and I’d walk away a happy camper. Yet as I got older and entered more long-term relationships with partners I cared about and loved at some point the act of foreplay giving and receiving oral became a dominant role in intimacy. I became very good, at performing on my partner and my partners knew how to please me in return. So with each relationship I became more confident with my sexuality and expressing what I wanted and they were always happy to oblige.

However, when the relationship would end I’d find myself back in a world of men who had no clue on how to please a woman. A world of men who could barely hold an orgasm long enough for me to rub one out. A world of men that didn’t want to go downtown and when they did had no clue as to what they were supposed to do. I then realized that I had to seriously take matters into my own hand to make sure I was being satisfied.

I decided that I needed to make it clear to any man wishing to enjoy the pleasures of my vagina that he would have to satisfy me first with his tongue. Receiving a dick pic, to verify his inches, no longer became enough. I needed to know: “what that mouth do?” I decided that a man that simply ‘ate pussy’ (as they would say) was not enough. I needed a man that Loved to eat pussy, which was the only way to guarantee my satisfaction. I can happily say that was the wisest decision I ever made in my life.

I once had a partner for almost a year K_OKC, I started talking to him while I was in Mexico for a friends birthday. We exchanged pleasantries and then he asked if he could “eat my pussy”. At this time, I was in my IDGAF days, so I said sure. When I got back to NYC it was on. I met him at his house, we kissed, he removed my pants and panties and he went to town. He was absolutely fantastic; I had an orgasm in less than 5 minutes. After head like that, I was more than happy to return the favor, after that we had sex and then I left. We did the same routine for almost a year. He would text me every day “can I eat your pussy?” and I mean who was I to say no. If he was hungry I was there to feed him. The head was so phenomenal I would see him on my lunch breaks, after work, before my morning runs, I just couldn’t get enough. He satisfied my sexual appetite with flying colors- a clear sexsationship, nothing more-nothing less.

I only stopped it once I started seeing G_OKC (from Gherkins 3A&3B). At that time I didn’t believe in double dipping (having sex with more than one man at a time); so I had to make a decision and since G_OKC had more going for himself career wise, he was the logical choice. In the end, we all know how that ended.

So I, personally, don’t understand women that don’t enjoy receiving oral sex. As a woman, you have to love your vagina. I love mine and I want her to be well taken care of. My GYN once said my vagina was “textbook” which coming from a GYN whose job it is to look at vaginas all day means a lot.

At this stage in my sexual life, I make it a point to let my partner know that oral sex is a requirement and he has to satisfy me before I satisfy him. I have no problem telling my partner how I like it and what to do. Whether it is to go faster, go slower, right, left, or keep it right there – it does not matter. If you, a woman, are not happy with what your partner or man is doing you have to say so. Make sure you get yours because he will always get his. You only have yourself to blame if you are allowing yourself to be disappointed.

If you are having sex your body must be satisfied!

Long gone are the days when women just let men have their way with our bodies!

Enough of letting him gets and you never get yours!

You owe it- as a service to yourself and all the women after you to make sure he eats the pussy right!

Learn to love your vagina and the world will be a better place!