Yay! She’s Back!

yay shes back-01

I wake up to the sound of her alarm – loud and obnoxious in my ear. It’s the first alarm so she probably doesn’t hear it, but I do, and boy is it loud. The alarm goes continues to ring for another 30 minutes before I feel her wrestle awake. She reaches for her phone and hits the snooze button. I guess she wants five more minutes of sleep; which only makes sense. Last night, she wore me out and we didn’t get into bed until 3am. Another 5 minutes goes by and the alarm starts again; this time I can feel her reach out to remove her phone from the charger. She scrolls through her notifications, taps the iHeartRadio app after a few minutes the soothing voice of Drake is playing in the background. Oh yea! – this is going to be a good day. 

She gets out of bed and goes to shower. When she re-enters the room, she smells of artificially scented strawberries and cream Lovely!. I can hear her going through her drawers and saying out loud as she gathers her essentials; 

“Thong, bra, jeans, tank” 

She lays them all on the bed. 

“Perfect!” She says.  

Suddenly the corner of the bed sinks a bit and then I smell her lotion; Nivea with Vanilla essential oils and a squirt of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Oil.  

“Little Bitch! You can’t fuck with me, if you wanted to.” I always thought she should go on American Idol. She has a great voice. 

“What time will you be home tonight?” In busts her mother. I would say good morning but she never acknowledges my presence anyway. 

“I don’t know. Why?”  

“Oh, Because I was gonna go to Costco after work.” 

“Well, I wanted to come home and go for a run after work today.” I would never tell her, but over the past year she had gotten a little puffy around the edges, but I kept that to myself. 

“Ugh. Fine.” Her mother closes the door and walks away.  

“Like she can’t do anything herself. Just get the shopping cart and call it a day. What’s she gonna do once I move out?” She mumbled to herself. I wanted to reply- Yea right! But I know it will only fall on deaf ears so I continued listening to the radio. 

“My bad, my bad for trippin’ on you” – She really should go on American Idol, or better yet, The Four. 

“Ugh! I feel like a sausage stuffed in a casing. I can barely breathe. Legging it shall be.” 

She sits down on the bed to slide her leggings, socks, and then shoes on. I hear her zip her coat and then she’s out the door. 

“Love you mom! Have a good day!” She screams as she runs down the fourteen stairs to the front door. Geez she’s really heavy footed. The door slams, I hear the keys jingle, then she is gone. 

I’m immediately bored. When she’s gone it’s so quiet. If I’m lucky she’ll leave the radio on but recently she’s been being responsible and turning it off. How dare she! 

So, other than the occasion argument between her mom and dad or the neighbors yelling on the catwalk outside her balcony window; I spend my days listening to the sound of the many race bibs she has pinned all over her walls being rustled by the wind from the fan. In the summer I hear the birds chirping as they perch on her air conditioner. On summer mornings she’ll bang on her balcony window to shoo them away, but they always come back – pesky birds. If I’m lucky her mom will come back in on the phone and I can hear about her latest patients feeding tube or catheter needing replacement; but I think her mom is still on vacation, so I will hear no such thing.  

Ten hours later. 

“Ma!” Yay! She’s back. I was getting very lonely.  

She comes upstairs and I feel her toss her bag on the bed. She strips off her clothes and changes into her running gear, and she’s back out again. I was hoping we’d get to hang out.  

I hear her mom and father enter the house. They’re arguing about something, but I’m feeling a little hazy so I can’t quite make out what they are saying. A few minutes later I hear her enter the room before I can see her. 

Yay! She’s back! 

“Geez! My room smells like fucking weed again!” She yells down the stairs.  

Oh! Maybe that’s why I was feeling hazy. I hear a few sss-sss-sss noises and I begin to smell the scent of crisp linen. She takes off her running clothes and yells: 

“Does anyone have to use the bathroom? I’m going to take my shower and I don’t want either of you to bother me.” 

“Just don’t stay in there all night” Yells her mother from downstairs.  

An hour later.  

Yay! She’s back! 

She’s on the edge of the bed and puts on her pajamas, which are really just shorts and a tank top. She leaves then goes back downstairs. I can hear her and her mother laughing all the way up here. It’s Monday night, so I assume they’re watching Love & Hip Hop, which means it’s around 8pm.  

Two hours later. 

Yay! She’s back! 

She’s starts to pack her bag for the next day.  

“Barre. Sports bra, pants, and sock- you go there. Now, what am I gonna wear? Let me check the weather. Hmm- black dress, black tights and DM’s.” She does a final call to make sure she has everything packed then I hear her toss her bag on the floor.  

“Goodnight! Love you!” She yells and then she gets in the bed. She pops back up to turns the ceiling  light off and crashes down on the pillows- Mmm minty! . She tosses a little bit; kicks one leg out, then the other, then frogs her legs around the covers. She jerks up and then I feel the cold air from the cracked window- much better! She climbs back into bed and reaches for me.  

I’m laying down next to her and she has her phone in her hands. She starts to type in g-a-n-g-b-a-n-g-p-o-r-n.  I like this site! She removes her shorts and then I go to work. Much of my day may be boring, but this is the highlight. It’s nice and smooth today, that means she must’ve gotten a wax –the price of beauty right. I spot my love interest. Over the past years we have become very close but we only ever kiss; she never lets me go all the way- bummer. But patient as I am, I respect her wishes and wait until she’s ready. One time I didn’t see her for 11 days but we made up for that when she got back. I continue to buzz and then I begin to hear it. That beautiful voice that I know would definitely win American Idol. 

“Oh fuck! Oh Yes-Yes-YESSSSS!” She moans and spasms a few times.  

Her body goes limp and she turns me off. Will she put me back in her hiding place or will she keep me beside her? I really like lying beside her. I feel it brings us closer; then maybe one day, she’ll let me go all the way. 

After a few minutes, she deletes the history from her phone (God forbid someone borrow her phone to look up ‘gangs or gangrene’- they’d be in for a surprise). She plugs the phone back in to charge, and places it on the night stand. She must be really tired because she forgets to put me back in my hiding place. I tell her I love her, but she’s already asleep and doesn’t hear me.