When I’m on a mission- I enjoy The Hunt!

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So, there I was, emotionally glossed over, glowing like the star atop the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. I was in a state of orgasmic bliss; I had probably just had the best sex of my life and I couldn’t wait to get back and do it all over again.  

My trip to Jamaica started off as total shit-show. We flew out during hurricane Harvey; so, our connecting flight from Texas to Jamaica was cancelled. We waited 10 hours in the airport for a flight to take us back to New York. I spoke to the couple, told them the entire fiasco and they seemed genuinely concerned. We had to wait an entire day, spent hours on the phone with the travel company, airlines, resort to sort out the change of details. We finally made it to Jamaica and the trip was fantastic, aside from a few hiccups, all was good.  

I didn’t speak much with the couple on the last few days of the trip, but I didn’t think anything of it. When I arrived back in New York, after sending multiple messages and receiving no reply I was quite sad. I thought that I had struck gold; but there I was, like a lost puppy trying to find my owners. Eventually I logged back onto the site and he messaged me. I was kind of surprised because the pictures that once included her were no longer attached to his profile. I asked him what happened and why the silent treatment. He explained to me that they had gotten into a huge fight and she took her things and booked it. I was sad to hear that 5 years of a relationship had gone down the drain, but more saddened at the fact that, I would never get to experience them two again. In a last-ditch effort to not dismiss fantastic sex, I did offer him my “services” if ever he wanted… but he never accepted my offer. 

The experience had opened up a whole new world for me. I was bisexual, or was I? I knew I enjoyed the couple aspect, I knew it was pleasant eating her out, but did I like it or love it enough to really call myself bisexual? Did I enjoy satisfying her of my own accord, or did I enjoy it because there was dick present? I had to figure this out. To eat or not to eat- that would become my mission. 

Since I didn’t want anything serious, I stayed on Positive Singles. I figured it would be easier to approach a bisexual or lesbian woman that was in my same situation rather than go on an outside site, actively pursue a woman, only for a test ride. 

I got many advances in my quest, but none were what I wanted. The first was a woman that lived in the Bronx (I think); she was pretty, but way too big for me to want as my first solo-female experience. I don’t mean to be a size-ist, because I know I’m a thickums myself, but I don’t want to have to lift your FUPA up to get at you hidden treasure- I just don’t want to!  

The second woman I spoke to was a cute slender Latina. We spoke often and exchanged a few naughty pics. She was way more aggressive than me, which was a good thing; and, she loved girls my size. The only problem was…EVERYTHING FUCKING THING ELSE! She told me she had a child; Which in itself, wasn’t a deal breaker because I wasn’t trying to date her. I just wanted to eat her out to confirm if this is what I like. But when she told me she had roommates and her child didn’t live with her- I immediately questioned her character. The next red flag was, she had a boyfriend. Now, of course I would not have minded if he wanted to join but she tells me that he doesn’t know about her bisexual life… so she wanted me to be the side bitch- Um No! But even with all that, I still considered meeting with her, that was until… she told me where she lived. She lived in Brooklyn, a two-fare zone to be exact. So, if you’ve read my “Too Far for Richard” story you know I refuse to travel far for dick; so, I’d be out of my entire mind to travel far for some kitty-kat I’m not even sure I like. I told her it was not going to work and that was done.  

My next encounter was another couple. When he messaged me, his profile stated that he was allowed to do whatever and she was an “opportunistic bisexual”. So, we exchanged numbers and set up 3 group chats. One for the three of us, one for him and I, and the other for she and I. I spoke to her to make sure she was ok with whatever would happen and she gave me the green light. They sent me videos of them having sex and he hung like a horse! The way he gave it to her got me insanely excited, so I was really looking forward to meeting them. We tried to connect a few times but things never panned out. He had kids from a previous relationship, we all worked opposite schedules and lastly, they lived in upstate New York and you know what that means… Eventually we lost touch. A few months passed and he messages me, telling me that they had separated. Another one bites the dust! 

My last encounter was a couple I crossed with on OKCupid. They had a shared profile and they messaged me that they were looking to have a guest star. I was all for it; they were a young black couple living in Brooklyn (a one fare zone), and both very attractive. I explained to them my herpes status before we took our communication further and they still asked to exchange numbers. We set up a joint group chat and got to know each other. I was in Brooklyn a lot, around this time; Friday nights singing karaoke, meeting friends and such. I would hit them up whenever I was around but they could never meet at those times, and a few times they had made it into the city and asked me to meet for lunch, but it was always too late. I was scheduled to run the Brooklyn ½ in May so I told them, in advance that after the race, a shower and lunch with my friends, I would be willing to meet. After I finished all my plans, I messaged them, agreed to wait around for a bit but eventually I just got tired of waiting and I went home. We tried a few more times to meet up but nothing happened. Then I realize she left our group chat… WTF? He messages me and tells me that they broke up, because she was being dishonest. What that meant- I had no clue and I didn’t care. I was pissed. 

Question: Did you ever start a new job and after a month in it feels like every employee either quits or gets fired and you wonder if it’s you? Well that’s how I felt. I was 3 for 3 with these supposedly open/poly- relationship types and all of them broke up after talking to me. I know I can’t take that credit but it made me think of two things. 

1- Were these couples really about that life? OR were they using the open/poly label to try and fix a dead-end relationship?  

2- Why was it so hard to find quality, uncomplicated, attractive pussy? I still continue to search for the peach that will make me check the box either yes or no. I still continue the hunt.