Born & Raised NY Woman. I’m a 30-something artist, sex-positive advocate, writing about her adventures in dating while also being herpes positive.

This blog is for everyone. I write stories direct from the pages of my life. I live in my truth and own up to my mistakes; and post them for the world’s entertainment. Whether you laugh, cry, get angry, or can relate, above all else, I hope you enjoy reading about my life. You don’t have to be like me; we can be total opposites; all I hope is that you are entertained. I hope that, for those that need it; my experiences will help you along your journey.

Living a openly sexual life while herpes positive was something I never thought I would (let’s be honest- COULD/ SHOULD) do. But, the trials and tribulations of life, bought me to here. So, here I am; a sex positive, polyamorous, non-monogamous, bi-sexual, herpes positive, cis-gender woman, living my best life.

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